Welcome to Seeking Good Vibrations - A Relaunch

Here we go
After a number of years in the ether of the internet, I felt it was time to relaunch Seeking Good Vibrations.
A greater understanding and even more questions of the world in the last seven years since the website was last updated.
In seven years life happened, jobs gained and lost, hobbies got more interest and waned, pets come…and seemingly sadly go. Life happens. But my wanting to know how life works never ceased. So I've decided to share a sense of awakening. Do I consider myself awake? That's a loaded question right there. Lots of debate there in the many minds that look at awakening. I'm just going to say a shift has happened that made a difference in viewing everyday life. A way to look and not judge as much as one moves through the daily events one seems to consume.

A lot of teachers have come my way since the site was last published in 2011. I felt at that time, I wasn't worthy to put out information that I myself wasn't waking up to. But I've learned that it is a slow awakening for some of us, if at all. So why not write and share.

I appreciate the following teachers. I had very little contact if any with them, but they made a big difference in moving along. Some way before 2011 and some after.
  • Liberation Unleashed - There is no 'me', thank you, what a relief.
  • Regina Dawn Akers - NTI and for me, a better understanding than ACIM
  • ACIM ⁃ A good way to go if it clicks with you.
  • Gary Renard ⁃ A good way to get in a nutshell what ACIM is.
  • The Nature of Reality by Carlos Castaneda - The very first book that showed me the world is much different than I thought and learning what is true by listening to my gut
  • Seth/Jane Roberts Books - The second mind blowing teacher whose books I still re-read today and learn from.
  • Vernon Howard ⁃ Ah, so there is a higher self, huh…
  • John Mark Stroud of One Who Wakes ⁃ John Mark showed me the missing link that I was looking for via Skype.
  • Mooji ⁃ Tells it like it is and also shows the missing link one misses in ego-ic life.
  • Jed McKenna ⁃ I enjoyed the books, but looking back, I don't think I got the schtick.
  • Jerry and Ester Hicks ⁃ Yep, I figured out what I wanted and being easier about life is good too.

There's more, but the above made a difference. As Regina Dawn Akers once told us in the only session I got to meet her in Chicago, there are stepping stones to learning, all teachers are important. Knocking a teacher is like a physicist knocking a first grade teacher. With out the first grade teacher, maybe you don't become a physicist.

So I hope you will join me as I write, re-learn this freaking website stuff. I'll add a comments section as I go. Welcome!

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