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Seeking Good Vibrations is ‘A Regular Guy’s Take on Metaphysics’.

This is a relaunch of what I published on the ‘webs’ over a decade ago.  Being a regular guy means I had a career and life that kept me busy. I don’t claim to have the answers so much as have an intended interest in truth. I tend to learn what I can and absorb what takes hold.  I’m not into gurus so much, as for learning truth.  I do have many teachers and books I admire and learned from. I always called it Reality Learning as spirituality didn’t interest me.
Background: I had a career in the retail/wholesale/vendor business.  My last jobs were selling socks as an independent contractor to large retailers for 25 years.  The socks mostly were made in the United States, such as Iowa, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. But some socks soon came from all over the world as the business evolved.  I always had a bit of an independent streak and was able to work out of my home office when I was selling socks. I was
‘The Sock Guy’ to my friends.
Before a career though, way back last century in college, I was taking a class called The Psychology of Drugs and Behavior.  The class was about how drugs interacted with the body and a bonus not listed, Metaphysics.  I was hooked and couldn’t get enough.  I was learning things that turned my world upside down and I was delighted.   Later, while perusing the shelves at Prairie Light Books, the book,
Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts fell to my feet.  I was off and running. 
My retail/buyer career did take many hours. One can get sidetracked with business.  But I was always seeking new books to read and people to discuss different metaphysical topics with.  I asked the Universe, let me work out of the house so I could study and read more.  The Universe made it happen in a way that still surprises me in creating quick events that landed me into the wholesale/vendor part of my career.
I pursued truth.  We’re talking 1995 and the internet was taking over.  There was so much information and books available.  My favorite website from that era was, now archived. 
So how does one know what’s true?  I go by withholding judgement as much as possible.  I also use what I learned from reading one of Carlo Castaneda’s books about Don Juan and I don’t remember which one, but the gist is that you will know in your heart if it’s true.
The reason this works as you don’t so much learn as remember.

Some Influences:
  • Carlos Castaneda
  • The Seth Books by Jane Roberts
  • Vernon Howard
  • Sanaya Roman/Orin
  • by Rene Mueller, now archived
  • The Life Between Lives books by Michael Newton
  • The Michael Handbook
  • LOA by the Hicks
  • ACIM
  • Liberation Unleashed
  • Regina Dawn Akers
  • Michael Singer
  • John Mark Stroud
  • Gina Lake
  • Dolores Cannon
  • The Law of One by RA/LL Research

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