Thoughts Aren't True

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Thoughts Aren't True
Thoughts Aren'tTrue, Why We Should Stop Paying Attention To Them

Where would we be without the thought stream? The thought stream gives us constant feedback on everything. There’s a sunset you just witnessed, the thought stream gives you feedback on how magnificent or where it ranks in sunsets, maybe not so great this one. How would we know the status of a sunset without the thought stream’s feedback. Do we need to know this? Well, the ego/distortion system has convinced us that yes it does.

Another aspect of the thought stream ego distortion is our mind using this stream to look ahead at possible situations arising or looking back on past situations. We project how people think. It’s like the ultimate (un)reality show with Tik Tok video synapse quickness that’s hard for our awareness to pull away from.

The thought stream is a major part of the ego/distortion on earth. This thought stream reflects our beliefs and purpose to us on a moment-to-moment basis. One big overwhelming belief we have is freedom from pain. This freedom from pain has evolved from watching our step and looking out for tigers to protecting the projection of who we think we are. Who we think we are is of course a conglobulation of beliefs about ourselves and others. The beliefs may seem true, but in all estimation, beliefs are just stories we tell ourselves. As for situations passing by, we have a view of how the world should be based on our beliefs. If the world doesn’t fit our belief, we have righteous judgement ready to roll. Then a reaction from that judgement emotionally depending on the depth of beliefs and assorted past situations associated with the belief stored consciously and subconsciously. Basically, we have beliefs and situations to react to stuffed in boxes down the basement collecting mold and adding to our mind environment at every moment we give the thought stream attention.

No thought is true as our beliefs are skewed to stories that seemed to serve us at the time we formed that belief. The ego/distortion system seems rock solid, but as we can see with earthquakes and such, the ego/distortion system of beliefs can crack very easily with any new evidence that challenges our beliefs. People will hold to a belief rather than change it, as that rock can’t crack or their world does.

Paying attention to the thought stream is where we spend much time and blocks out information from our true source, I will refer to source as essence here. Moving from the thought stream to essence is about moving our awareness from the thoughts to outside the thoughts. Basically, putting your attention on your body and movements. This takes quite a bit of practice as the thought system easily gets our attention. We’ve allowed this ego programming to take hold and it’s going to take some effort to break the programming.

Coming next: Breaking Away From the Thought Stream

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